About Specialty Coffee or Third Wave Coffee

It’s special.

Specialty Coffee is not normal. It’s special. The majority of coffee in the world is not specialty coffee, it’s purchased as a commodity.

It’s rare.

Specialty coffee represents the very best of global coffee yield or three percent of the production in the world. Specialty coffee is acquired for its unique and beautiful characteristics and not purchased as a commodity to homogenize.

It’s technical.

Speciality coffee is any coffee that scores above 80 points on a 100 point scale by a certified coffee taster or by a licensed Q Grader. We are even more picky. At Mundos, we only purchase and roast coffees that have a cupping score of 86 or higher.

It’s high.

Most speciality coffee is grown at high altitudes, with tons of care and close attention from the farmer. It is processed with the highest standards. From there, it is shipped all over the world. We get some of the good stuff here at Mundos.

It’s art.

We create custom profiles for each type of coffee. Every specific type of coffee has a different density and its own unique and beautiful characteristics. We craft each roast to enhance and highlight the amazing flavors inside each coffee.

It’s delicious.

We use this special coffee to brew cups that will make your day better. At Mundos, we are big on manual brewing techniques that allow you to have complete control over the cup you are about to enjoy. We are happy to tell you more. We love to hear from you!