Off Menu Items and Other Awesome Things at Mundos

We have a fairly simple menu at Mundos.  We never want anyone to feel overwhelmed by too many choices.  However, you should know that there are more off menu items than ones we print on paper.  Have you tried our Açaí Latte?  How about our iced teas(Classic Black and Hibiscus Berry)?  I will highlight a few:

Off Menu at Mundos

Above: (from left to right) Turmeric Latte, Matcha Latte, Açaí Latte.

All these are available cold with ice.  Super good!

Mundos Iced Teas

Above: Classic Black and Hibiscus Berry Iced Tea

Ginger Honey Latte

Above: Ginger Honey Latte

The Ginger Honey Latte is truly delicious.  It has a bit of a kick, and it’s great!


Above: Affogato(Vanilla Bean Ice Cream with a Double Shot of Espresso).

If you haven’t tried an Affogato you must!  They are amazing!

Sipping Chocolate

Above: European Sipping Chocolate(made with Ambrosia Chocolate imported from Europe and prepared in Traverse City)

It is like drinking a gourmet brownie!  The chocolate is super rich and creamy!


These are just a few of our Off Menu Items.  We want to tell you more!  Stop by and ask us what’s new!

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