Roasting the Last of Some Favorite Coffees (Until The Fresh Crop Arrives)

We want to let you all know that we roasted the last batch of some favorite coffees yesterday.  They are still available to purchase, but they won’t last long!  Our Ethiopia Wote Konga natural processed coffee is one of those coffees.  With hints of dark chocolate and blueberry, it has been our most popular coffee at Mundos.  The second coffee that will be gone soon is the Zambia Kateshi Estate.  This is Adam’s favorite coffee.  It is a bold coffee with great sweet tart feel and a good punch.  Get some before Adam drinks it all!

We will be getting lots of new coffees in the next couple months.  The new crop of Ethiopia Wote Konga will be arriving in the US in May and we have reserved a large amount.  We will be looking for some new Kenyans in the next couple months too.  We can’t wait to share these awesome coffees with you!

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