We have new coffees!

We just received a shipment of five new coffees!  They are all unique and delicious.  After many hours of researching, sample roasting and cupping we are ready to share these coffees with you.  Come in and try one this week!  Details Below:

Five New Coffees

Burundi Gomba

Cherry, Pear, Dark Chocolate

Burundi Gomba as a top lot, fully washed coffee from the Ngozi province of Burundi at the Gomba Washing Station, bordering Tanzania.  The coffee is Bourbon variety and grown around 1500 meters in elevation.  More…

DR Congo | Kivu

Caramel, Creamy, Berry

Dr Congo Kivu is a washed coffee and comes from the banks of Lake Kivu and the Nyiragongo Volcano – an active stratovolcano in the Virunga mountain.  The altitude, climate and volcanic soil offer an ideal combination for obtaining a uniquely flavored coffee.  More…

Tanzania | Tarime

Green Apple, Lemon, Bright

This fully washed coffee comes from the Tarime district of Tanzania and is grown around 1900 meters.  More…

Rwanda | Nyarusiza

White Grape, Cherry, Cantaloupe

Rwanda Nyarusiza is a top lot from Buf Cafe and is 100% Bourbon variety. It is a washed coffee (8-12 hour fermentation, 24hr soak/rinse, sun dried on raised beds).  More…

Ethiopia | Harrar

Granola, Cinnamon, Strawberry

Ethiopia Harrar is a natural process coffee grown at 1700 meters in elevation.  It is grown and processed organic certified from West Harrar in Ethiopia.  More…

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  • JackMarch 23, 2018 - 11:32 am

    I have tried most of these coffees, and I have to say my favorite is the Ethiopia Harrar, it has a nice blueberry acidity and balanced with a strawberry acidity.ReplyCancel